Life Line Debt Relief Review


LifeLine Debt Relief self-identifies as debt settlement company, but it also offers well-regarded Debt Consolidation Help. It caters to those burdened with $5000-$100,000 of debt, and its website sports a prominent claim to cut back customers’ debt by 55%.

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Minimum Debt AmountMaximum Debt AmountFees
$5,000$100,00020% of enrolled debt, on average.

How it Works

Starting your affiliation with LifeLine Debt Relief couldn’t be simpler. Just contact LifeLine Debt Relief via the company’s toll-free number or its live chat to arrange a free consultation. LifeLine Debt Relief will then collaborate with you to determine whether it is the right company for you, and if so, whether you should opt for its Consolidation Help or its Debt Settlement program. Both programs entail settling on an appropriate, affordable monthly fee, which you deposit into an account formed for the purpose of your debt relief process. How these funds are used depends on whether you choose LifeLine Debt Relief’s Consolidation Help or its Debt Settlement program.

Debt Settlement aims to reduce the principal of your debt by negotiating with your creditors. Once your account has amassed sufficient funds, LifeLine Debt Relief will negotiate with your creditors in effort to secure you a lower principal. While each customer’s situation is unique and yields varying results, you can expect, but are not guaranteed, 40% savings (LifeLine’s fees included) over the 12-48 estimated months of the settlement process. If you are being hounded by collection agencies, settlement should reduce the frequency and urgency of their efforts. LifeLine does not require any additional credit checks and approves new customers as quickly as possible.

Consolidation plans, on the other hand, offer you loans that you can use to pay off your debt; consolidation funds are thus used to begin paying back the loan. Ultimately a consolidation plan will force you to pay the entirety of your debt principal, but comes with the benefits of reduced interest rates and the elimination of at least some penalties and late fees. You should, however, be aware that it could still have an adverse effect on your credit score.


LifeLine Debt Relief’s user-friendly site is secured with both Norton and McAfee, so you can rest assured all your information will remain safe. LifeLine Debt Relief’s debt calculators, debt guide, blog, and help and tips section help you understand your debt prognosis and make the financial decisions that are best for your future. The FAQ itself is, however, somewhat limited, spanning only a dozen or so questions.


Unfortunately, LifeLine Debt Relief does not advertise any accreditations by the major industry accreditors, though its Norton and McAfee certifications should inspire confidence in their commitment to the security and integrity of customers’ online experience.


Fees will generally amount to approximately 20% of enrolled debt, but vary with the customer’s individual circumstances.

Quality of Service

You may contact customer service by toll-free number, in person, live chat, email, or by online form. Its counselors are not accredited by major agencies such as COA or IAPDA, but customers nevertheless often cite the courtesy and professionalism of LifeLine Debt Relief’s staff.

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65 Broadway, Suite 1702

New York, NY 10006

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