Consolidated Credit Review


  • One of the biggest companies in debt consolidation and credit counseling
  • Loans from as low as $1,000 to as high as $75,000+
  • Wealth of free educational resources to learn about getting out of debt
  • Excellent customer service, as shown by a 9.6/10 Trustpilot rating


  • $69 maximum monthly fee for debt management
  • Little information about loan rates unless you supply contact details

Bottom Line

Consolidated Credit excels at tailoring solutions to meet the specific needs of each of its individual customers. The first call with one of its agents is always free, and these agents can help direct you toward a debt consolidation loan or debt management program to suit the size of your debt as well as your ability to make payments.

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Why Go with Consolidated Credit

Consolidated Credit is one of the oldest and largest debt consolidation companies in the United States, having been plying its trade for 25 years. With all Consolidated Credit’s experience, it’s no surprise that it offers a full range of debt solutions – from debt consolidation methods—such as loans and balance transfers that it promises can save you up to 50% on your debt repayment—through to debt management programs with counselors. Consolidated Credit is also very generous in sharing its experience with customers, offering a compendium of free articles, webinars and videos to help you better understand how to manage your debt.

What They Offer

Consolidated Credit offers 3 types of debt solutions: personal debt consolidation loans, balance transfers, or debt management programs through a certified counselor.

  • To qualify for a debt consolidation loan, one of Consolidated Credit’s agents will review your credit and debt to determine if your debt-to-income ratio is below the maximum of 41%. Your monthly payments, APR, and term will be determined by the amount of debt you wish to consolidate, your credit score, and your income. At the end of the process, Consolidated Credit will transfer you the full value of the loan and you will begin your direct monthly payments. Remember that a loan usually makes sense if the term is shorter than 60 months (as you’ll be paying too much interest if it’s any longer), and if the APR is below 10% - although this can vary according to several factors.
  • To qualify for a credit card balance transfer, you must first be able to demonstrate a strong credit score. This method involves transferring existing balances to a new low-interest credit card or to a credit card with a 0% APR introductory period. This option only applies to credit card debt.
  • A debt management program is technically a repayment plan and not a type of loan or consolidation. Consolidated Credit has certified counselors that can help you find a monthly payment that works for your budget. It is best suited to people who don’t have a high enough credit score to qualify for a consolidation loan or balance transfer.


Consolidated Credit’s strengths lie in its range of debt solutions, its customer service, and its encyclopedia-like educational resources.

  • As we mentioned in the section above, it offers 3 debt solutions to ensure you’re able to save up to 50% on your debt repayments, no matter what type of situation you find yourself in. If you have good credit and are looking to pay off exclusively credit card debt, then a balance transfer can help you pay everything off with a low APR. If you’re looking to capitalize on your strong credit score to pay off medical costs or student loans, then you should be able to qualify for a debt consolidation loan. And if your position is made difficult by a poor credit score, then you have the option of entering a debt management program.
  • In review after review on independent websites such as Trustpilot, customers praise the level of Consolidated Credit’s care and attention to their needs. This company has been in the business for a long time, and its staff are trained to tailor a solution to each customer.
  • The educational resources deserve a special mention. Consolidated Credit’s website has special sections devoted to financial education and debt learning. These sections include handy tools like credit card debt and debt-to-income calculators, plus dozens of articles on topics such as “Cutting energy costs in your home,” “Debt elimination vs. retirement savings,” and “Credit counseling for couples.” Its YouTube channel is also a highlight, with hundreds of educational videos to help everyone from beginners to experts.

Types of Debt Covered

Consolidated Credit can provide solutions for any type of unsecured debt, such as credit cards, student loans, personal loans, payday loans, unpaid tax debt, and medical bills.

What it can’t help out with are debts that have been secured by collateral. For example, it can’t help with electricity bills, as the electricity company can simply turn your electricity off if you don’t pay. And it can’t help with car loans, as your lender can simply repossess your vehicle if you don’t meet your payments.

Site Security

When filling out online forms, users are required to give certain contact information such as name, email, and postal address. Additional information may be requested during face-to-face credit counseling sessions. Consolidated Credit states that it doesn’t share financial information with any non-affiliated third parties and that it maintains security practices to protect your contact information.

Help & Support

Consolidated Credit has a 9.6/10 rating on Trustpilot for its excellent customer service. To get help or support, fill out the short online contact form (and give details about the level of debt you need to consolidate), or call the toll-free number. One of Consolidated Credit’s agents will take you through your options or set you up with a certified credit counselor. Lastly, Consolidated Credit’s website has a wealth of information to help you better understand debt consolidation and the various solutions at your disposal.

Physical Address

Consolidated Credit, Inc

5701 West Sunrise Blvd.

Fort Lauderdale, FL 33313

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